Blogapalooza Gets Bigger Every Year!

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Since 2016, I was blessed to have been able to attend Blogapalooza every year. I am happy that Blogapalooza is committed to being inclusive for everyone in the Philippines. From Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, they wanted the event to be represented. Not only that but also every content creators, from bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers. They wanted Blogapalooza to be the most represented event annually for content creators.

Me with Fellow CDO Bloggers Network Members

This year’s Blogapalooza theme is #BlogaFest: Celebrating Content Creation, Conversations, and Communities. And one amazing thing that I have noticed is that they have the most number of attendees this year. More than 2000 creators from all over the Philippines attended the event. Well, only about 70 are from the province but still, that is an awesome feat to achieve! I laud Blogapalooza for that!

Another thing that I have noticed that they have a lot of sponsors this year. Well, they say 2015 has more but 32 supportive sponsors for this year are also a lot. Aside from that, most booths from the sponsors are manned with awesome personnel and have a lot of interactive games to do. I joined most of them especially those that don’t need physical effort. Hahaha… I get tired easily. LOL!

Blogapalooza 2019 Sponsors

As for the learnings, I am happy to be learning from content creators whose specialty is video blogging. I am a blogger and it is easy to express myself through my writings but talking in front of a camera is a different thing. I am a bit shy about showing myself talking. Aside from that, I am having a hard time coming up with content that I will be comfortable talking about.

I also had fun listening to E-sports enthusiasts talk about their craft. I know this is a new industry and most of them are becoming influencers by their own right. They have a lot of followers especially gamers from the younger generation.

My most defining moments was listening to YouTube EduCreator Lyqa Maravilla, Macoy Averilla of MacoyDubs, JF Escobañez of The Red Whistle, and Brazillian model Daiana Menezes. They talked about content creation and being true to yourself. They emphasized on being authentic and responsible.

On Authenticity and Responsibility

But my greatest takeaway is the feeling of renewal. I haven’t blogged or have created content that comes from my passion or interests. I have been busy with the life challenges that somehow I have lost touch with the things that I really wanted to share and blog about.

And because of Blogapalooza, I am planning to make 2020 a busy year of creating new content for my 12-year-old blog and probably in my YouTube channel. I want to do something a little each day that scares me so that I will improve as a content creator.

Me at Blogapalooza 2019

To all my bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencer friends; were you able to attend this year’s Blogapalooza? If you did, how was it?

If not, I suggest you look forward to attending it next year. Follow Blogapalooza’s FACEBOOK PAGE to get updated in advance!

Ace Gapuz with CDO Bloggers Network Members

Again, I want to congratulate ACE GAPUZ, the Blogapalooza CEO, and the rest of the #BlogaFam, for always superseding each year to become bigger and better BLOGAPALOOZA!

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