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    Simple Budgeting and Debt Management Tips to Lean on This Year

    As defined here, budgeting and the budget is “Is the process of creating a plan to spend your money. This spending plan is called a budget.” The wise spending of money is a good thing to learn, then. But what exactly should you learn when it comes to budgeting? Here are some tips for you to follow for a straight shot into budgeting. Address Your DebtsDebt is such an easy word to say, and such an easy thing to accumulate. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways and provisions that can help you counter debt and slowly get out of it. And one of those ways is debt consolidation. In…

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    My Observation on Real Estate Industry Amidst the Pandemic

    The pandemic really changed the life of every human being on the planet. Not only as individuals but corporately, institutions, companies, government agencies, and the like. Everything have drastically changed overnight. But one thing I have noticed, time and time again, is that humans have the knack of adapting to whatever situation we are in. Well, we suffer a bit for a time, but definitely, would come out resilient and persevering as ever. We don’t just give up and call it a day. As I have seen in my Facebook feeds, one of the most unlikely industry to bounce back immediately is thriving – the real estate industry. Though this…

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    Trying to Stay Healthy Amidst the Pandemic

    It has been two months since our government placed several places in the Philippines under quarantine. There are many different levels of quarantine and that I am not planning to discuss. All I know is that we are required to stay at home and only go out of the house when needed. We have been like that in our household. Pre-Quarantine When the quarantine started, my weight around 70 kilos at that time. It was my all-time high. I always play around 63 to 65 kilos. As the quarantine started, I really thought that I might be close to 75 but, fortunately, when I weighed myself, I got around 65…