Entertaining Games That I’ve Been Playing Recently

As a single mother and caretaker to three children, not to mention being the sole breadwinner (I’m a teacher), life is pretty stressful. But I’ve been able to take a good amount of that stress away with games. As a person who grew up with the first video games and the then-nascent internet, I’ve always been a bit of a gamer, and it’s no surprise that this was taken up by my kids, who are quite serious sometimes when it comes to the games they play; on the other hand, I tend to be mostly on the casual side of things when it comes to my games.

I’ve said that I am a teacher, and some views on teaching have been called unorthodox, especially with my belief that learning should be fun. With that in mind, it was a no-brainer that I stumbled upon a site full of educational games in my search for something to entertain and educate my students with. But as I used it more and more, I found out that they have more than just educational games and that there were some fun games there too.


Something funny just came to my mind: in every home, we’ve moved to, we’ve always had a connect four set with us, be it an old set with incomplete parts or a brand-new set that was probably given to us. But unfortunately, my family and I never got around to playing with these sets. Fortunately for me, I’ve been destressing by playing this Connect-4 game that the site has. The computer AI is competent, and I find myself bamboozled by it sometimes, it’s a fun game and a fun experience.


Now I don’t usually play card games, much less card video games, but my son tends to play Tripeaks solitaire on his device to pass the time whenever he is bored. Curious, I decided to play this game on the site. As I played games of this kind of solitaire, I began to see where my son was coming from. There’s a specific kind of satisfaction to be gained from chaining one card after another, and it always feels satisfactory whenever I clear a row or, better yet, a whole peak of cards. It’s a good game to pass the time with, and the music is pretty relaxing.


This game, Flight Sim – Air Traffic Control, seems complicated- especially in the later levels- but once you get the hang of it, the game proves to be somewhat easy and quite relaxing. All you have to do is to draw paths for arriving planes and helicopters, so they land safely, and sometimes you have to make planes loop around to avoid crashes; landing planes and helicopters safely is how you score points and win in this game. The game has twelve levels worth of entertainment, and each map is better than the last.

To be honest, this site is pretty fun and is full of exciting games not just for learners and educators but also for people looking to relax.

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