My Observation on Real Estate Industry Amidst the Pandemic

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The pandemic really changed the life of every human being on the planet. Not only as individuals but corporately, institutions, companies, government agencies, and the like. Everything have drastically changed overnight.

But one thing I have noticed, time and time again, is that humans have the knack of adapting to whatever situation we are in. Well, we suffer a bit for a time, but definitely, would come out resilient and persevering as ever. We don’t just give up and call it a day.

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As I have seen in my Facebook feeds, one of the most unlikely industry to bounce back immediately is thriving – the real estate industry. Though this is based on my own opinion, I have seen that is is back in the game after being silent for a time. I have a lot of real estate agent friends. During the advent of the pandemic announcement and the few months thereafter, I can sense the silence. They weren’t posting as usual. They weren’t sharing like the used, too.

Then, I have seen articles about real estate pandemic trends that I should say it really make sense. I also saw an article if these real estate trends will continue to 2021 and definitely it will. Just like I said… the real estate industry, not only in the Philippines, but around the world is thriving in this pandemic.

Just lately, I have noticed that those real estate friends I have mentioned are posting and sharing again. And not just that, I see a few friends posting their newly purchased houses. The real estate business is striving in a situation wherein delivery of basic goods and even wants are at boom. So, I did a little asking around of what might be happening. And here’s what I found out…

They finally bought it. Those who purchased houses this year have always been planning to buy them even before the pandemic. They have been saving for this and just finally signed the papers to make everything official.

Discounted offers. While the pandemic is ongoing, the general cash flow isn’t that great but a lot of discounts on real estate purchases are being offered. Future homeowners calculate the purchase by estimating mortgage affordability based on income.

Open opportunities. Those with cash-on-hand are taking advantage of the opportunities opened. Many real estate properties are being offered at a low price. Not all have cash on the back, but some have properties to sell. So many are selling while others see this as an opportunity to expand theirs.

As for me, I wanted to buy my own place, but as of now, I am not yet ready. I still have a lot of responsibilities that I am trying to comply. I am hoping to be able to have my dream house and lot before retirement.

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