Starting to Make Small Health-Related Decisions

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I just weighed myself a few minutes ago. I always weigh myself every first day of the month since 2021 started. I am not really a health conscious person, but since I turned 40 (now in my early 40s), I kept thinking about it. I can’t deny that my body is not as it used to be. I feel heavy already and easily gets tired.

My weight as of the moment is 67 kilos. I am slightly obese according to the ideal weigh calculator that I used. For a woman in her early 40s and is 5’5″ in height, I should weigh around 59 kilos. Therefore, I am 8 kilos overweight.

This is not a good news and I am not over reacting. I live a sedentary lifestyle and if I keep doing this. I might accumulate more weight and have health complications later. So, I decided to do small and manageable health-related decisions. One of those is to monitor my weight monthly, be conscious of what I eat (I don’t have a gallbladder, too), and just recently, started learning about calorie counting. I used a calorie calculator to see how much calorie I should eat to achieve my ideal weight. It was disheartening since I am a rice eater. Hahahaha‚Ķ

Anyway, changing habits is hard, but it should be done. I don’t want to wait for something tragic to happen before I start to be health conscious. I also want to do this for myself and my family. I want to have a healthy lifestyle so that I can have more energy to spend time with people who I care the most. Besides, I don’t have a budget to buy bigger clothes, I can only shrink to fit again in my current clothes.

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