Three Things I Like About Philippine Airlines

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Our ride going to Manila.
Philippine Airlines has been around for many years. To be honest, it was the first airline company I have heard when I was a child. My relatives or even my father who was a previous OFW have flown with Philippine Airlines.
Over the years, many airline companies have flown the skies in the Philippines. But Philippine Airlines have always come out as a premium airline when it comes to comfort and class. They always give out their utmost service in every way they can.
Missed breakfast? No problem. They have onboard snacks!
Just recently, I have flown to Manila and back to attend the Blogapalooza #connecteD event at the City of Dreams Manila. My trip was with Philippine Airlines. And it has always been the airline of choice for delegates from the regional area who attends Blogapalooza.

So let me share to you three things I like about Philippine Airlines…

1. Philippine Airlines carries my country’s name.

I am a bit patriotic. So seeing the name ‘Philippines’ already makes me like them. And since they carry the country’s name, they try to live up to it. Making sure that the country’s name won’t be stained in any way. That is where the second reason…
Courteous Flight Attendants from Philippine Airlines

2. Philippine Airlines promotes hospitality in every way.

Because Filipinos are known to be hospitable and friendly, I can tell you that their flight attendants really are. Well, maybe not all, but I have flown Philippine Airlines and I always met the friendliest flight attendants. They always put their best foot forward when it comes to customer service.
Team #CDOBloggers Represent with the Cabin Crew

3. Philippine Airlines adheres to continuous improvement.

Because they carry the country’s name and they have the determination to deliver what is expected of them, they certainly try to improve in every way they can. They want to do their best and deliver the utmost service that can satisfy their customer’s needs. No wonder they received a four-star rating from Skytrax.
I believe Philippine Airlines will continue to strive to do more and deliver the best they can. And even if I am not an employee or a frequent client, I can’t help but feel proud when they achieve something. Because truly, Philippine Airlines is in the heart of the Filipino People!
Thank you, Philippine Airlines, for flying us safely to Manila for Blogapalooza and back home to my hometown Cagayan de Oro City!!!

To know more about their latest promotions, visit their website at or follow their social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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