Three Type of Games You Should Try

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I am not sure if you are into gaming, but I am. I can clearly remember that I started gaming when I was in elementary. I can’t remember my age, but my father bought my an Atari console (if you are around my age, you would know this brand). I remember playing Pacman and Galaga every weekend at home. And when Nintendo’s Family Computer came out, I used to rent and play whenever I have a spare money from my school allowance.

Now, in my early 40s, I still play games online, on my mobile phone, and even on my laptop. I never stopped though I lessen the amount of time I use in playing. I also don’t play all type of games. There are certain types that I am usually drawn into now that I am over 40 years old and I think you should also try. These are…

Classic Games. These are games that I literally grew up with. They are old but still a gold when it comes to entertainment. My favorite classic game is Tetris and PacMan, and the worst of them all, my least favorite, is Minesweeper.

Simulation Games. From the word simulate, it imitate real life experiences such as running a restaurant (cooking games), a supermarket, a hospital, and many more. I play free online simulation games that features a restaurant and I work as a waiter. I find it fun to wait tables and achieve the game’s goals.

Educational or Puzzle Games. I also like games that incorporate Math and Spelling. Believe it or not, I still play typing or spelling games. I consider it as an exercise for my fingers! Hehehehe…

How about you? Do you still play games like I do? If yes, what games do you play?

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