Top Three Things About GCash to Bank Transfer That I Like

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If you have been a follower of my Facebook page, you have probably known by now that I am an avid GCash user. I have even talked about my history with GCash in my other blog.

Anyway, I have decided to write about the top three things that I like about the GCash to Bank transfer feature that they have. Well, they have a lot of features actually, which I really love, but for now, let me talk about this particular feature. Why? You’ll see…

GCash to Bank Transfer is Very Convenient

I live far from the city proper. Doing bank errands would surely entail time and effort. But with GCash, all my banking needs are met within the comforts of my home. I don’t need to go out of my house. I can do it with a few taps on my phone. And what’s best? I can avoid long and tiring queues at the bank!

Ever since I rented this house where I am staying right now, I haven’t seen my landlady face to face except for the viewing of the house and the signing of the contract which of course all happened prior to living here. And since then we haven’t seen each other, I have paid my rent via GCash! Convenient, right?

GCash to Bank Transfer is Faster

This can also be part of the convenience of it, but I decided to give a sole focus in this feature. Why? Because time is essential for everything. With the GCash to Bank transfer, everything can be done in a few minutes. I can settle things that needed to be settled within the day. I can close transactions on the day because sending money from GCash to all accredited banks happens real time. You don’t have to wait for a day or two to get your money reflected on your bank accounts.

GCash to Bank Transfer is FREE

And last but not least, this feature is FREE! Well, I really don’t know how long this feature will be free. But as of the moment, I am taking advantage of sending money to 30 plus accredited banks for free! Before, I really hated transacting with stores or establishments when they don’t have convenient payment options. But with GCash, most of the top banks in the Philippines are catered. I can pay for my business obligations easily.

If you are a bit concerned because you are not that techy, well, watch this video below to see how easy it is to transfer money from your GCash to you bank account in a few easy steps.

See, isn’t that so easy? It only took me less than a minute to transfer money from GCASH to my bank account. With that, I am pretty much sure you’ll agree with my top three things about GCash to Bank transfer that I like.

So, if you haven’t downloaded GCash, you may do so by clicking this link HERE. Don’t worry, GCash is available both in Google Play Store and iOS App Store. BUT WAIT! There’s more! This is not only open to Globe and TM subscribers, but other networks can also download and use GCASH! Isn’t that amazing?!

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