Trying to Stay Healthy Amidst the Pandemic

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It has been two months since our government placed several places in the Philippines under quarantine. There are many different levels of quarantine and that I am not planning to discuss. All I know is that we are required to stay at home and only go out of the house when needed. We have been like that in our household.


When the quarantine started, my weight around 70 kilos at that time. It was my all-time high. I always play around 63 to 65 kilos. As the quarantine started, I really thought that I might be close to 75 but, fortunately, when I weighed myself, I got around 65 kilos. Not that I planned to lose weight after seeing 70 kilos on the weighing scale but I just don’t want to add into it.

Quarantine Period

Within the two months of our community quarantine, I tried to stay healthy. For someone who is 40 years old, a woman’s health is a primary concern. Though I don’t do extraneous exercises in the morning, I try to do some stretching. I know it is not enough to break into a sweat but I just want my body to loosen up from my limiting lifestyle. Then, every morning, I also recharge myself under the heat of the sun. Vitamin D is very essential.

Since we get to eat canned foods most of the time, we also try to eat something healthy and organic. If money is available, we buy ingredients and cook a viand for the family. And sometimes the cheapest food that we can buy that has no preservatives is fish. We cook the fish as “paksiw” first and then fry it after.

Sleeping is a struggle for me lately. Since my body clock is so messed up lately because I tend to work or do something in the evening rather in the morning when it is hot, I find sleeping and resting at the right time and duration very hard. As much as possible, I wanted to sleep at least 5 to 6 hours at night, but I end up sleeping at different hours in the day and sleep a few hours in the evening.

Trying My Best

With this pandemic going around, it is always imperative for us to stay healthy. So, this is the reason why I “try” my best to stay healthy. I don’t want to compromise my health since this will also mean my family’s. I lack in many things but I will try to improve as time goes by.

The quarantine will end on the last day of this month, but the question is, will it really end? I don’t know. All I know that we all need to be healthy amidst this pandemic.

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